Reclaimed & Sustainable
Pinus palustris

also see: White Pine  and  Yellow Pine

Common Names

Longleaf Southern Pine, Original, Genuine, Authentic, "The Real McCoy"


Heart pine has had many uses throughout American history, and is frequently found in many historical buildings throughout southeastern and northeastern United States. Our current supply of Heart Pine has been salvaged from a Whiskey Warehouse in SE Indiana. When milled, the wood still has the sweet aroma of whiskey!

The reclaimed beams were originally manufactured from 200-300 year old Long Leaf and other southern pine species cut from the original forests of America. This wood is the last legacy of these vast, unmatched, virgin timbers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Reclaiming this timber is a tribute to the hard working men who built this country with this unique resource of America. This wood has the heart of America in it!

Did You Know?

In colonial times it was the most economically important tree and was sought after by the King of England for ship building; the largest were tagged for the "Crown", hence the grade.

Where Antique Pine Originated

Prized for its length, strength and resin, Longleaf Yellow Pine originally grew in a wide coastal swath from the Carolinas to Louisiana.

Main Uses

Heart pine has been in use since the 1700's and was used in furniture, flooring and shipbuilding.

Relative Abundance

Due to extensive logging and agricultural development, by the 1930's nearly all of the old growth trees were gone. Just about all antique wood available today is recycled virgin-forest slow-growth timber from factories and warehouses.

General Description

Our heart pine is reclaimed from the same Longleaf Southern Pine trees (175 to 300 plus years old) that have been used for generations. The wood is rich in color and history. The heartwood is a brilliant orange to reddish-brown and the sapwood reveals many shades of pale yellow, which makes a fantastic finished look in any room. It is one of our most popular species because it provides a country atmosphere in your home.

also see: White Pine  and  Yellow Pine



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Wood is a natural product. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.

Working Properties

The wood reveals a high percentage of vertical grain, limited nail holes and a beautiful patina that only age can impart. Many of the planks will show a small percentage of blue stain, a condition that occurred when the beams were originally milled in the early 20th Century.

What is "Blue" stained Pine? (pdf)

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Physical Properties

Heart Pine is dimensionally stable and distinct in that it contains no less than 6 annual growth own rings per inch. Its beauty, durability and quality are unsurpassed.

Heart pine is much stronger and more durable than other species in the Pinaceae family, which makes it ideal for flooring, even in high traffic areas.

The above slide show reflects actual finished samples of our antique whiskey heart pine. The dimensions of our reclaimed stock will run heavy with 4 and  5 inch widths. This is still considered a random width product . You will receive a width tally report with each order to help in planning your installation..

1225 Janka Hardness Rating

Heart Pine Estimated

Product Weights


AD Rough Sawn

3.87 bf

KD Rough Sawn

2.90 bf

KD 15/16" HoM Planed

2.72 bf

KD 3/4" S4S & Flooring

2.36 sf

Listed weights should be considered estimated averages only and do not include the additional weight of bolsters, packaging or crating.


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