Hymenaea courbaril

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Common Names

Jatoba, Cuapinol, Guapinol (Mexico), Guapinol (Central America), Locust, Kawanari (Guyana), Rode lokus (Surinam), Algarrobo (Spanish America), Jatahy, Jatoba (Brazil).




Brazilian Cherry is a photosensitive wood which darkens from tan or salmon to a deep reddish brown over a period of several months. It also contains darker streaks which give it an exotic expression.

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Southern Mexico, throughout Central America and the West Indies to northern Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. The tree's best development is on ridges or slopes and high riverbanks.

Main Uses


Relative Abundance


General Description

Brazilian Cherry is a beautiful species with naturally rich color and superior hardness making it well suited for both residential and commercial applications.

Laboratory evaluations rate the wood very resistant to brown-rot and white-rot fungi; actual field exposure trials also rate the wood as very durable. The heartwood is also rated very resistant to dry-wood termites


Reasonable availability with regional limitations.


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Working Properties

Moderately difficult to saw and machine largely because of its high density, Brazilian Cherry is also somewhat difficult to plane because of the interlocked grain.

It is easy to glue and  satisfactorily accepts stain and paint finishes. Steam-bending properties are comparable to white oak.

Physical Properties

Brazilian Cherry heartwood is salmon red to orange brown when fresh, becoming russet to reddish brown when seasoned; often marked with dark streaks.

The sapwood is usually wide; white, gray, or pinkish. Texture is medium to rather coarse; grain mostly interlocked; golden luster; without a distinctive odor.

2820 Janka Hardness Rating

Brazilian Cherry  Product Weights


KD Rough Sawn

5.00 bf

KD 15/16"  HoM Planed

4.69 bf

KD 3/4" S4S & Flooring

4.07 sf

Listed weights are considered estimated averages only and do not include the additional weight of bolsters, packaging or crating.







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