Fagus grandifolia

Common Names

Carolina Beech, Gray Beech, Red Beech, Ridge Beech, Stone Beech, White Beech, Winter Beech.


Known as "Mother of the Forest" for its nutrient-rich humus. Beech has a long, illustrious past. The Aryan Tribes of Asia, the earliest known people to use a written language, carved their messages into the soft, smooth pliable bark of the beech tree trunk. The writings, cut out of the bark and used intact, were called "boc," which eventually became "book."

Did You Know?

Beech was used to make snuff boxes as well as mortars and pestles.


Throughout the Eastern U.S., commercial concentration is in the Central and Middle Atlantic states. Average tree height is 120 feet.

Main Uses

Furniture, doors, flooring, millwork, paneling, brush handles, woodenware, bending stock, toys and turnings. It is particularly suitable for food and liquid containers since there is no odor or taste.

Relative Abundance

0.4 percent of total U.S. hardwoods commercially available.

General Description

The sapwood is white with a red tinge, while the heartwood is light to dark reddish brown. The wood is generally straight-grained with a close uniform texture.





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Wood is a natural product. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.

Working Properties

Beech works readily with most hand and machine tools. It has good nailing and gluing properties and can be stained to a good finish. The wood dries fairly rapidly but with a strong tendency to warp, split and surface check. It is subject to a high shrinkage and moderate movement in performance.

Beech Wood - Working Properties Chart

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Physical Properties

Beech is classed as heavy, hard, strong, high in resistance to shock and highly suitable for steam bending. Good resistance to abrasive wear.

1,300 Janka Hardness Rating

Beech  Estimated Product Weights


Green Rough Sawn

4.50 bf

KD Rough Sawn

3.60 bf

KD 15/16" HoM Planed

3.38 bf

KD 3/4" S4S & Flooring

2.93 sf

Listed weights are considered estimated averages only and do not include the additional weight of bolsters, packaging or crating.


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