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Installing Board & Batten and Board on Board Siding

Board-and-Batten is a vertical pattern created using cypress boards and battens of various widths for a range of effects. Although for best appearance, most builders strive for the widest boards and narrowest battens. Painted Vertical Board & Batten

The battens must be sufficiently wide to adequately overlap the underlying boards.

For nominal 6" boards spaced 1/2" inches apart, battens should overlap by at least 1/2 inch on each board side. 

With wider boards, increase batten overlap proportionately. While there are no set widths for board and batten siding, an attractive combination is 1x3 battens with 1x10 boards.

The overlying batten covering the gap between boards should be attached with one nail per bearing, the shank passing between the edges of the under-boards. Use two nails per bearing on boards 8 in. and wider placing the nails 2-1/2 to 3 in. apart.

board and batten installation diagram


board style siding detail

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